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2012 best year of my entire life

It was. No doubts. I’m incredibly happy with what has happened over this unforgettable year.


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Nice to meet you!

If there is something I can’t stand of my adventure in New Zealand it’s to say goodbye daily to awesome people.

I want, all those with whom I’ve shared great moments in New Zealand, to know that they are really special for me. It’s dificult for me to express in English what I feel now but I want all of you be able to read this! […]

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Queenstown, my new home in antipodes

Llegar a un sitio nuevo en el que vas a empezar una nueva vida nunca es fácil y menos cuando no conoces a nadie y no tienes un control absoluto del idioma.

Eso pensaba yo hasta que conocí Queenstown. […]

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