Puna maná – Mana tupuna

Some months abroad are really good to get rid of the miopia which lives daily with you in your home town. You are able to see the things like they are, not like all the rest want to show to you.

When you are aware of a problem you can solve it, but it’s not as easy as it seems to be. For that reason the friends and the family are indispensable. So many important people in my life are now even more because I can understand much better why they were making me happy.

It’s time to come home but, this time, full of strength, with my new mana. I will be able to see all the days that strength because it has become part of my skin, very closed to my heart. The river was dried, now the puna is working out again, with all the water I need to face the new challenges of my life.

Thank T.D. for guiding me, for help me to know who I am, because you showed me the best way, the way to let the puna maná.

P.D.: I know there are some mistakes in my writing, but nobody is perfect, are they?

  • Puna – to well up, flow.
    spring (of water), well, pool.
    He puna wai tō mātau (HP wh18). / We had a spring of water.
  • Mana – prestige, authority, control, power, influence, status, spiritual power, charisma – mana is a supernatural force in a person, place or object.
  • Mana Tupuna – mana derived from one’s inheritance. We usually see this as mana derived from one’s immediate human ancestors, and so it is. Our immediate ancestors, parents and grandparents, impart to us sorts of riches. It is human for children to imitate their parents, elders and key mentors.
    However, tupuna not only refer to one’s human ancestors but to the inheritance of the entire natural world. As all things descend from earth and sky, in this traditional worldview, all things exist in relationship to one another. All things are whanaunga and are tupuna. Hence, mana tupuna is mana derived from our entire inheritance which include not only our human heritage but the heritage of the entire natural world.