Nice to meet you!

If there is something I can’t stand of my adventure in New Zealand it’s to say goodbye daily to awesome people.

I want, all those with whom I’ve shared great moments in New Zealand, to know that they are really special for me. It’s dificult for me to express in English what I feel now but I want all of you be able to read this!

Distances to some main cities In the other side of the worldSince I arrived here I’ve met a lot of interesting people and there are some persons I really miss now. In spite of knowing it’s part of this experience sometimes it’s too hard.

Crazy Saturdays, funny English classes, incredible travels…always meeting new folks. And that’s only the begining! There is plenty of time ahead us to continue enjoying.

Therefore, live the present, don’t be attached to the past, and think about the future like a new opportunity every day.

Have fun, good luck and nice to meet you!

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