Kiwinito: The legend goes on

If something is remembered from New Zealand by almost all the people who shared time with me is The Kiwinito.

The Kiwinito is a drinking board game. Actually it’s a kinito, a tipical game from the Basque Country but with the name changed specially for the ocasion, to travel to the other side of the world and to be famous in Queenstown, more exactly in Deco Backpackers; that was its destiny.

It was a pleasure share this fantastic game, developed by N.O. and given as a present by my friends in Vitoria-Gasteiz , with so many people in Queenstown and Coromandel. Great memories not to forget, incredible moments to remember and just laugh (Some videos and photos have copyright and are better not to show, hehehe). Always new couples, hangovers and the most important thing: new friends.

Now, the legend goes on, The Kiwinito has returned to its home and it’s time to play here, to increase its fame and let to new people the oportunity of enjoy it.

Playing kiwinito and the Kiwinner's hat

Who is going to be the next Kiwinner? Who knows, for the moment just drink!