Follow your dreams folks

What’s a dream? All of we’ve thought about that, at least once in our life.
I don´t want to speak about the definition of the word, but about the real meaning of the dreams for each person, my friends and mine’s.

Dreams are our real goals. When you get older, is thought about things that we wanted to do, but we haven’t done yet.

Yesterday I was thinking about one of my best friends and I decided that was time to start fulfilling his own dreams. You know it V.D. Rock In Rio will be awesome!!
As the same time P.J. come to my mind,  I wish you the best of luck and every success in your new project, you’re a great person, you’ll be successfull, no doubt.

It’s time, the time of our dreams.

Don’t forget it! All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

…And just like that, after a long wait, a day like any else,
I decide to triumph…I decided to look for the opportunities, not to wait.
I decided to see every problem as the opportunity to find a solution
I decided to see every desert as the opportunity to find an oasis
I decided to see every night as a mystery to solve
I decided to see every day as a new opportunity to be happy.
That day I found that my only rival was my own weaknesses,
And in them, is the only way and better way of surpassed us.
That day I lost the fear of loosing and I started to fear of no winning,
I discovered that I was not the best and maybe never was.
I stop caring about who was the winner or the looser.
Now I care just knowing more than yesterday.
I learned that the hard thing is never stop climbing to the top, not to reach it.
I learned that the better triumph that I can have, is to have the right of calling someone “my friend”
I discovered that the love is more than a feeling of being in love, “the love is a philosophy of life”
That day I stopped being a reflect of my few triumphs of the past and I started to be my own tenuous light of this present;
I learned that it do not matter if you are a being light if you are not going to illuminate the others road.
That day I decided to change so many things…
That day I learned that the dreams only are to make come true
Since that day I don’t sleep to rest
Now, I dream just for dreams.

Walt Disney

11 comentarios en “Follow your dreams folks

  1. Since that day I don’t sleep to rest
    Now, I dream just for dreams.

    I like the quote. And Nickelback’s Rockstar song is one of my favourites!

    I wish you luck, but don’t think you needed, people get what they deserve, and you deserve the best. You will fulfill all your dreams. I will try to do my best to do so.

    Keep fighting and hit the road in NZ!

  2. Ese Cerna, estoy de visitilla por tu blog, echándole un vistazo y llenando mi cabeza con tus entradas e historias. Espero poder ver y leer cada día algo sobre esa gran experiencia que has decidido vivir.

    Pásalo de la mejor manera posible, saca unas buenas fotos para poder deleitar, y, también, poner los dientes largos, a quién tenga el placer de darse una vuelta por esta página.

    A, por cierto, escucha la musicota que te pasé, que el 7 de Julio hay que dejarse las gargantas eh!?.

    Un abrazo muy grande, y lo dicho, «Have a nice experience!»

  3. Esto, a modo de posdata, veo que sale un monigote al lado de mi comentario, bueno, y de todos…. ¿es posible poner una fotico?……que a mi…ni me va ni me viene….pero por comentarlo…..jejeje

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