2012 best year of my entire life

It was. No doubts. I’m incredibly happy with what has happened over this unforgettable year.

Some of my most desirable dreams have come true. Finally I went abroad to improve my English and see the life with other eyes, opening my mind and meeting some of the most awesome people I have ever had the pleasure of meet.

Thank all my folks of New Zealand I recovered the best part of me, coming back to be again that person who can smile everywhere, in any situation. I’m still missing all of you.

But the welcome back it wasn’t bad at all! I spent my first weekend in Spain playing football in Salou, having a really good time with my teammates. We’ll go to play again the same tournament on 2013 for sure!

Just two days after that, I could sign the necessary papers to realize another awaited dream: to set up my own company. LaBox is now a reality and I very satisfied with my new work, my colleagues and I’m looking enthusiastic for the near future.

A lot of things have passed since that, only in a bit more than six months. But I can sum up in one important thing: I’m happy.

2013 be good with the people who were so good friends of mine last year!

Happy new year!